One Guy With A Marker Just Made The Global Warming Debate Completely Obsolete

One Guy With A Marker Just Made The Global Warming Debate Completely Obsolete.




Indiegogo: An International Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Money

Indiegogo: An International Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Money.

Need funding for a worthy project check this site and do it…plan first carefully, research and learn all about what it takes to make it work.

Check the successful project with a critical eye to know how to imitate and reflect on possibility of partners needed.

Link :: Biomimicry 3.8.

Imagine 3.8 billion years of design brilliance available for free, at the moment of creation, to any sustainability innovator in the world.

Imagine nature’s most elegant ideas organized by design and engineering function, so you can enter “remove salt from water” and see how mangroves, penguins, and shorebirds desalinate without fossil fuels.

Now imagine you can meet the people who have studied these organisms, and together you can create the next great bio-inspired solution.

That’s the idea behind AskNature, the online inspiration source for the biomimicry community. Think of it as your home habitat—whether you are a biologist who wants to share what you know about an amazing organism, or a designer, architect, engineer, or chemist looking for planet-friendly solutions. AskNature is where biology and design cross-pollinate, so bio-inspired breakthroughs can be born. Amazing talks


I have stumbled on the site 10 years ago and that first day I was hooked on it for 3 hours. I was thrilled by the fantastic tales of discovery and excited about the possible future discovery. Being a researcher Ted represents a golden trove of information and its visual, which doubles the pleasure of listening.

The people are from all walks of life and represent business, artist, inventors and just about anyone who has found a creative outlet for their talents. I see so many possibility for young people in this talks. I have personally contacted few of the people who have given talks and got a response. Sometime I just like to let them know how much I enjoyed  listening to them.

This is life and its about connecting with one another in  any creative endeavor and Ted encourages this opportunity by inviting people to talk and present their unique talent to the world.

I will present videos on this blog for some of those that have impressed me the most in areas that I care about, almost everything, but I had to choose those that inspire and have done much to improve lives, especially for those who are usually left behind in poverty and precarious situations, like women with small children lacking education to better themselves.