Virginia Cure -Restorative Justice

Virginia Cure is a chapter of Cure National for restorative justice. They advocate for changes with legislative bodies and support reform. A nonprofit with all volunteer staff who communicates with people in prisons sending news letter to keep them informed and help to advocate on issues that matter to them. Learn more on

Justice reform are being pursued in all 50 states. It seems Americans are finally revolting against a justice system that is pursuing a losing battle on two fronts. The first is to punish with long sentences which is expensive and counter productive, the second is to achieve the safety of citizen. The outcome is causing another wave of fatherless children to be raised by single moms, more mothers on welfare, lack of cohesion within family and society plus a burden for the state spending 20 times more than what rehab may cost. That is not a path to safety neither a wise way to run a justice system. How did we get here Virginia? One is removal of Parole, two mandatory sentences that make no sense, give Judges no discretion and is misused by prosecutors or court appointed attorney that  advance a guilty plea in exchange to reduce the sentence. Constitutionally it has become a farce since a jury trial is what the system was based on. Now even innocent people go to jail if someone  makes a false accusations since the appointed attorney may not have time to prepare for a jury trial. A poor innocent person is trapped by a predatory system who is stacked against him from all sides. The other grave injustice is the use of informants who can incriminate people with no fear to be prosecuted and are motivated by money. They go as far as incriminate people with made up lies to convict the innocent and justify their jobs as informants.

Can we call this justice or criminal behavior?

Virginia has more than 38,000 prison inmates.

In 1994, Virginia abolished parole.
One of every 89 adults is incarcerated.
52 percent of Virginia’s adult correctional population is behind bars.In comparison to other states, Virginia has the fourth highest incarceration rate versus using community supervision in the country. Virginia has only 1 in 94 adults under community supervision compared with the national average of 1 in 45.
The state’s growth in the imprisonment rate per 100,000 residents was 9th highest of all states from the end of 2000 to June 30, 2009.
The imprisonment rate per 100,000 residents in Virginia is nine percent higher than the national average for all states.
In 2008 Virginia ranked 41st in index crimes, 42nd in violent crimes and 40th in property crimes per 100,000 resident population.
The annual cost of holding a prisoner in Virginia is $24,667.
It is estimated that annual corrections costs since 2000 have increased by at least $120 million beyond that expected given the state’s population growth.
In 2008, Virginia taxpayers spent 7.6 percent of the state’s general funds on corrections.
Virginia spends almost 20 times more per day to manage prison inmates than to supervise offenders in the community.

what is wrong with Virginia ? its not for lovers anymore!





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