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Change is a constant in life…so we can be part of the problem or….we can be part of the solution! Change your perception to a positive outlook, a world of abundance, that can thrive, We have knowledge and gaining more exponentially everyday.  We can do anything  but peace comes first and the courage to live without fear.

Be peaceful, share peace, be a peacemaker. One person can change the world…Image

International Global Consciousness Project- Princeton

Princeton University

The Global Consciousness Project, also called the EGG Project, is an international, multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists, engineers, artists and others. We collect data continuously from a global network of physical random number generators located in 65 host sites around the world. The archive contains more than 12 years of random data in parallel sequences of synchronized 200-bit trials every second.

Our purpose is to examine subtle correlations that may reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world. We predict structure in what should be random data, associated with major global events. When millions of us share intentions and emotions the GCP/EGG network data show meaningful departures from expectation. The experimental bottom line has billion to one odds against chance. This is a powerful finding based in solid science.

Subtle but real effects of consciousness are important scientifically, but their real power is more direct. They encourage us to help make essential, healthy changes in the great systems that dominate our world. Large scale group consciousness has effects in the physical world. Knowing this, we can use our full capacities for creative movement toward a conscious future.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences provides a logistical home for the GCP. It is directed by Roger Nelson from his home office in Princeton, but is not a project of Princeton University.

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